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This is still one of our all time favorite Elvis videos. The song is awesome and his voice is at its best

Elvis Presley, also known as the “King of Rock and Roll”, was a renowned singer and actor who had a significant influence on popular music during the 20th century. In addition to his well-known rock and roll hits, Presley was also known for his powerful performances of gospel music. In a rehearsal session in 1972, Presley performed a gospel medley that showcased his vocal prowess and his love for gospel music.

The rehearsal was captured on video and is available on YouTube for fans to enjoy. In the video, Presley is seen sitting in a chair with his guitar, surrounded by his backup singers and musicians. He begins the medley with “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, a gospel hymn that has become a staple of religious services and is often performed at sporting events.

Presley’s rendition of the song is heartfelt and soulful, with his powerful voice bringing out the emotional depth of the lyrics. He then transitions into “Sweet Caroline”, a pop song that he reimagines as a gospel tune. The backing singers join in on the chorus, and the result is a joyful, uplifting performance that showcases Presley’s versatility as a vocalist.

The medley continues with “Lead Me, Guide Me”, a traditional gospel hymn that Presley had performed in the past. Once again, his voice is powerful and commanding, conveying the depth of his faith and his love for gospel music. The medley concludes with “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”, a classic hymn that Presley performs with reverence and passion.

The rehearsal of the gospel medley demonstrates Presley’s skill as a performer and his deep connection to gospel music. It is a testament to his legacy as a musician who touched the hearts of millions with his music.

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