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You can see Elvis trying to hold back the tears. I Love This Song

“Don’t Cry Daddy” is a song recorded by Elvis Presley in 1969. The song was written by Mac Davis and became a top 10 hit for Elvis in the US and Canada.

The song tells the story of a father who is trying to comfort his young children after the death of their mother. Elvis’s heartfelt delivery and powerful vocals add an extra layer of emotion to the already poignant lyrics, making the song a tear-jerker for many listeners.

The song’s arrangement features a simple yet effective combination of piano, guitar, and drums, allowing Elvis’s voice to take center stage. The song’s chorus, which implores the father not to cry, is particularly affecting, with Elvis delivering the lines with sincerity and compassion.

The song remains one of Elvis’s most moving and memorable ballads, showcasing his ability to convey deep emotion through his music. It has been covered by many artists over the years, but Elvis’s version remains the most famous and enduring.

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