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What a command performance, he was the absolute greatest. From his early days til 77 he was the best

“Polk Salad Annie” is a blues song written by Tony Joe White and originally released in 1968. The song became a hit for Elvis Presley in the early 1970s, and he often performed it live, including during his Las Vegas concerts in 1970.

Elvis’s live version of “Polk Salad Annie” is a lively and energetic performance that showcases his love of blues and rock music. The song features a catchy guitar riff, driving drum beat, and Elvis’s distinctive vocals, which capture the essence of the song’s lyrics about a Louisiana girl who picks and sells polk salad.

During the Las Vegas concert, Elvis interacts with the audience, saying “Let’s get with it, let’s rock and roll!” before launching into the song. He dances and sways to the rhythm of the music, and encourages the audience to sing and clap along with him.

As the song builds to its climax, Elvis’s voice reaches a fever pitch, and he belts out the lyrics with passion and intensity. The audience responds with enthusiastic applause and cheers, and Elvis continues to dance and sing until the song’s rousing conclusion.

Elvis’s live performance of “Polk Salad Annie” is a testament to his love of blues and rock music, and remains a fan favorite to this day. His charismatic stage presence and powerful vocals continue to captivate audiences, and his legacy as the King of Rock and Roll lives on.

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