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In our opinion, this is Elvis’s best song. Straight from the heart with so much emotion.

“If I Can Dream” is a powerful song performed by Elvis Presley on his 1968 Comeback Special, which marked his return to the stage after a long hiatus from live performances. The song was written by Walter Earl Brown and recorded by Elvis on June 23, 1968, just a few weeks before the special was filmed.

The song’s lyrics were inspired by the tumultuous events of 1968, including the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert Kennedy, and the ongoing conflict in Vietnam. The song expresses a message of hope and unity, calling for people of all races and backgrounds to come together and work towards a better future.

Elvis’s performance of “If I Can Dream” on the Comeback Special is one of his most memorable and powerful moments on stage. He delivers the song with incredible passion and emotion, showcasing his remarkable vocal range and ability to connect with his audience. The performance is enhanced by a gospel choir and orchestra, adding to the song’s uplifting message and emotional impact.

The Comeback Special was a turning point in Elvis’s career, revitalizing his image and cementing his status as a rock and roll legend. “If I Can Dream” was a fitting tribute to his comeback and remains one of his most iconic and inspiring songs. It is a testament to his enduring legacy as a performer who used his music to bring people together and inspire positive change.

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