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This is better than most music today honestly. One of our favorite live performances of his ever.

“Ready Teddy” is a classic rock and roll song that was written by Robert Blackwell and John Marascalco. The song was popularized by Elvis Presley, who frequently performed it during his early years as a recording artist and performer.

In a 1956 television appearance, Elvis delivers a high-energy rendition of “Ready Teddy” that showcases his powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence. The performance features Elvis accompanied by his backing band, The Jordanaires, as well as a group of backup dancers who add to the fun and lively atmosphere of the show.

During the performance, Elvis is dressed in his signature leather jacket and interacts with the audience, adding to the excitement of the performance. He delivers the song with a raw and unbridled energy, capturing the spirit of early rock and roll and the youthful rebellion that it represented.

The lyrics of “Ready Teddy” describe a desire to dance and let loose, with the singer encouraging his partner to join in the fun. Elvis’ performance captures the playful and carefree spirit of the lyrics, and his powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence make it clear why he was quickly becoming one of the most popular performers of his time.

Overall, Elvis’ 1956 television appearance of “Ready Teddy” is a classic moment in his career and a testament to his enduring legacy as a pioneer of rock and roll music. The song’s infectious energy and Elvis’ dynamic performance make it a timeless classic that continues to inspire new generations of music fans.

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