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“Bringing It Back” is a song recorded by Elvis Presley in 1975 and released as a single. An expanded look at the song showcases Elvis’ versatility as a performer and the eclectic mix of styles that influenced his music during this period.

The song was written by Greg Gordon and was originally recorded by the British band Gentle Giant in 1973. Elvis’ version of the song features a blend of rock and roll, country, and funk influences, which was a hallmark of his music during this period.

The expanded version of the song includes an extended intro featuring a driving guitar riff, which sets the tone for the rest of the track. Elvis’ vocals are soulful and impassioned, with his trademark vibrato adding a layer of emotion to the lyrics.

The backing band on the track is tight and energetic, with a mix of electric guitars, keyboards, and horns adding to the overall sound. The funk influences are especially apparent in the tight rhythm section, with the bass and drums propelling the song forward.

Despite the eclectic mix of styles on the track, Elvis’ performance ties everything together and creates a cohesive sound that is both catchy and memorable. His vocal delivery is confident and assured, and he clearly has a deep connection to the lyrics and the music.

“Bringing It Back” is a standout track in Elvis’ catalog, showcasing his ability to blend different musical styles and make them his own. The expanded version of the song highlights the energy and excitement of the performance, as well as the timeless appeal of Elvis’ music. The song remains a fan favorite today and a testament to Elvis’ enduring legacy as a cultural icon.

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