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There is nobody else that could ever carry or sing such a powerful song. Like it was written for him and only him.

“An American Trilogy” is a medley of three songs arranged by Mickey Newbury and made famous by Elvis Presley. The three songs included in the medley are “Dixie,” a traditional Southern song; “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” a patriotic song written during the American Civil War; and “All My Trials,” a Bahamian lullaby.

Elvis Presley first performed “An American Trilogy” during his 1972 concert tour, and one of the most famous performances of the song took place on April 14, 1972, at the Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina. This concert was recorded and later released as the album “Elvis: As Recorded at Madison Square Garden.” The Greensboro performance of “An American Trilogy” is considered one of Elvis’ best and most emotional performances of the song, with Elvis delivering a passionate and heartfelt rendition that moved the audience to tears.

Overall, “An American Trilogy” remains a beloved and iconic song in the Elvis Presley canon and a powerful expression of American patriotism and unity.

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