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Watch : Love his sense of humor while he’s rocking on stage…Elvis was the man.

“Fever” is a song originally written by Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell and first recorded by Little Willie John in 1956. Elvis Presley covered the song and performed it during his Aloha From Hawaii concert on January 14, 1973.

During the performance, Elvis wore a black jumpsuit adorned with intricate embroidery and rhinestones. He delivered a sultry and captivating rendition of the song, showcasing his vocal prowess and stage presence. The performance was well-received by both the live audience and those watching the broadcast around the world.

Elvis’ version of “Fever” was included on his album Elvis Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis, which was released later that year. The album was also recorded live, capturing Elvis’ dynamic stage presence and exceptional singing ability.

The song has since become a staple of Elvis’ discography and is often cited as one of his best live performances. His rendition of “Fever” showcases his ability to interpret songs in his own unique style while honoring the original recording.

Overall, Elvis’ performance of “Fever” during the Aloha From Hawaii concert is widely regarded as a highlight of the show and a testament to his enduring talent as a performer.

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