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This is Best Elvis record of the 70s. The King was rocking!

“Promised Land” is a song written by Chuck Berry and originally recorded by Berry in 1964. Elvis Presley recorded his own version of the song in 1973, and the performance was later released on an expanded album.

Elvis’s version of “Promised Land” is a driving and upbeat rock and roll number, featuring his signature vocals and a powerful musical arrangement. The song’s lyrics express the idea of seeking a better life and a brighter future, and Elvis’s performance captures the optimism and energy of the song with his own unique style and flair.

The expanded album features additional tracks from the same recording sessions, including “If You Talk in Your Sleep,” “Help Me,” and “My Boy,” among others. These songs demonstrate Elvis’s incredible versatility as a performer and his ability to interpret a wide range of musical styles with his own unique touch.

The expanded album is a must-have for any Elvis fan, as it provides a powerful and uplifting listening experience that showcases the King’s incredible talent and his enduring legacy as one of the greatest performers of all time. It is also a testament to Elvis’s ability to connect with his audience on a deep and personal level, and his ability to capture the spirit and energy of rock and roll with his music.

Overall, “Promised Land” is a standout track on an expanded album that is filled with memorable and iconic performances. It is a testament to Elvis’s enduring legacy and his ability to inspire and move generations of fans with his music.

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