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That performance was simply outstanding. 50 yrs ago tonight! Still the best! If only he could know we are still watching.

“Blue Suede Shoes” is a classic rock and roll song originally written and recorded by Carl Perkins in 1955. Elvis Presley famously covered the song and performed it on several occasions, including during his ’68 Comeback Special.

Elvis’s version of “Blue Suede Shoes” on the ’68 Comeback Special is a high-energy performance that showcases his skills as a live performer. The song opens with Elvis strumming his guitar and singing the iconic lyrics, “Well, it’s one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, now go, cat, go!”

As the song progresses, Elvis’s band kicks in with a driving beat, and he moves around the stage, dancing and engaging with the audience. His performance is full of energy, charisma, and the kind of raw power that made him a legend in the world of rock and roll.

The ’68 Comeback Special was a pivotal moment in Elvis’s career, as it marked his return to live performance after a long hiatus. His performance of “Blue Suede Shoes” was just one of many highlights of the show, which helped solidify his status as a cultural icon and cement his place in music history.

Overall, Elvis’s performance of “Blue Suede Shoes” on the ’68 Comeback Special is a classic moment in rock and roll history, and a testament to his skills as a live performer. It continues to be celebrated and loved by fans of Elvis and rock and roll music.

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