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Overweight, puffy eye’s, six week’s left to live… obviously a sick man. But that voice never faltered….

Elvis’s version of “My Way” was recorded in 1977 at Graceland, his home in Memphis, Tennessee. The recording was made just months before his death in August of that year. The song was included on his posthumous album, “Moody Blue,” which was released in 1977.

Elvis’s version of “My Way” features a slower tempo than Sinatra’s version, with a more restrained vocal performance. The arrangement includes a prominent piano and orchestral backing, which gives the song a grand and majestic feel. Elvis’s interpretation of the song highlights the introspective and reflective nature of the lyrics, and his deep, resonant voice adds a sense of gravitas to the performance.

Despite the fact that Elvis’s version of “My Way” is not as well-known as Sinatra’s, it remains a poignant and powerful performance. It is a testament to Elvis’s enduring talent and legacy, and it has become a beloved part of his musical legacy.

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