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Listen to his powerful voice; truly talented and gifted. His music will live on forever.

“You Gave Me a Mountain” is a song written by country singer-songwriter Marty Robbins during the 1960s. It has been covered by several artists, including Elvis Presley, who performed it during his famous “Aloha from Hawaii” concert on January 14, 1973.

The performance of “You Gave Me a Mountain” during the “Aloha from Hawaii” concert was one of the highlights of the show, and it showcased Presley’s vocal range and depth. The expanded version of the song includes an introduction by the emcee of the concert, Jack Lord, as well as an extended instrumental section featuring a guitar solo by James Burton.

Presley’s rendition of the song features his trademark emotional delivery, and he sings the lyrics with a sense of vulnerability and sincerity that resonated with his fans. The song’s lyrics describe a man who has faced many challenges in his life but finds strength in the love of his partner.

Overall, “You Gave Me a Mountain” is a powerful and moving song that demonstrates Elvis Presley’s incredible talent as a vocalist and performer.

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