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As A True Elvis Fan I Get Goosebumps Hearing His Voice, He’s One Of The Best Impersonator I’ve Ever Heard

Elvis Presley’s “Blue Suede Shoes” is a classic rock and roll song that has stood the test of time. Even today, over half a century after its first release, it still manages to captivate audiences with its catchy melody and upbeat rhythm. While many have covered this iconic song over the years, one performance in particular stands out above the rest.

In 2015, David Thibault auditioned for The Voice France with his rendition of “Blue Suede Shoes.” The young Canadian musician wowed audiences with his uncanny ability to channel Elvis Presley’s energy and charisma. From the moment he stepped onto the stage, Thibault captured the attention of both the judges and viewers at home.

Thibault’s performance was a masterclass in showmanship. He effortlessly embodied the spirit of the King of Rock and Roll, down to his signature hair and mannerisms. As he sang, his voice soared through the notes with ease, hitting every beat and inflection perfectly. It was clear that Thibault had a deep respect and admiration for Elvis Presley, and his performance was a fitting tribute to the legendary performer.

Overall, David Thibault’s rendition of “Blue Suede Shoes” on The Voice France 2015 was nothing short of spectacular. His energetic and authentic performance earned him a spot on the show and won over the hearts of fans around the world. Today, Thibault continues to make music and perform, but his performance of “Blue Suede Shoes” remains an unforgettable moment in music history.

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