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Watch How Elvis conducted the whole orchestra with just the movement of his body. Simply fantastic

“Patch It Up” is a song by Elvis Presley that was recorded in 1970 during the sessions for his album “That’s The Way It Is.” The song was written by Eddie Rabbitt and Rory Bourke and features an up-tempo beat and catchy melody that showcases Elvis’ powerful vocals and his ability to infuse rock and roll with soulful energy.

The first take of “Patch It Up” captures Elvis and his band in the studio as they work out the arrangement and find their groove. The song features Elvis singing lines like “We’re gonna patch it up baby, before we fall apart” as he urges his lover to work through their problems and stay together.

The first take of “Patch It Up” is a fascinating glimpse into the creative process behind Elvis’ music, showcasing his band’s raw energy and Elvis’ ability to capture the essence of a song in just a few takes. The song was eventually released on the “That’s The Way It Is” album and became a fan favorite, demonstrating Elvis’ enduring appeal and his impact on popular music.

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