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Listen : Rockpile And Robert Plant Covers Best Song Ever Written By Elvis Presley | I’m Speechless

Rockpile, the British rock band known for their high-energy live performances, teamed up with legendary singer Robert Plant in 1981 to record a cover of Elvis Presley’s hit song “Little Sister.” The result was a rollicking rendition that captured the essence of the original while adding a new level of intensity and excitement.

The track features a driving beat and powerful guitar riffs that showcase the talents of both Rockpile and Plant. Plant’s signature voice adds a gritty edge to the song’s lyrics, perfectly complementing the band’s electrifying sound.

The collaboration between Rockpile and Plant was a one-off affair, but it produced a memorable recording that remains a fan favorite to this day. Their version of “Little Sister” is a testament to the enduring influence of Elvis Presley on rock and roll music, as well as the skill and creativity of the musicians who continue to reinterpret his work.

Overall, Rockpile’s cover of “Little Sister” with Robert Plant is a standout example of how great songs can be reinterpreted to create something new and exciting. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and the timeless appeal of rock and roll music.

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