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One of the best songs ever sung by one of the best singers ever. Who could ask for more?

“Amazing Grace” is a well-known Christian hymn that has been recorded by numerous artists over the years, including Elvis Presley. Elvis recorded the song in 1971 and it was released on his gospel album “He Touched Me.”

Elvis’ version of “Amazing Grace” is a beautiful and soulful rendition of the classic hymn. It features a simple, stripped-down arrangement that allows Elvis’ powerful vocals to take center stage. The song begins with a gentle piano introduction, followed by Elvis’ emotive delivery of the first verse. As the song progresses, the arrangement builds in intensity, with Elvis’ voice soaring to incredible heights.

Elvis’ recording of “Amazing Grace” is widely regarded as one of the most moving and heartfelt versions of the song. His powerful vocals and deep spiritual conviction bring new meaning to the hymn’s lyrics, which speak of God’s grace and mercy.

Overall, Elvis’ rendition of “Amazing Grace” is a testament to his enduring legacy as a singer and a believer. It is a beautiful and uplifting performance that continues to inspire and move listeners today.

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