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This Video Proves No One Could Ever Compare To The Elvis Presley’ Stage Presence

“Polk Salad Annie” is a song that was first recorded and released by Tony Joe White in 1968, but it became more widely known through Elvis Presley’s cover version, which he recorded in 1970 and released on his album “Elvis: That’s the Way It Is”. The song was written by White and is a southern rock and blues tune that tells the story of a girl named Polk Salad Annie, who lives in the Louisiana bayou.

The song features a distinctive rhythm and guitar riff, as well as White’s signature swampy, bluesy vocal style. Presley’s version of the song is a more uptempo, rock and roll rendition, with a driving beat and some added horns and backup vocals. Presley’s energetic performance of the song was a hit with audiences, and it remains a popular and iconic song in his catalog.

“Polk Salad Annie” is notable for its vivid depiction of southern life and culture, as well as its use of regional slang and dialect. The song has been covered by many other artists over the years, but it is perhaps best known for Elvis Presley’s version, which helped to popularize the song and introduce it to a wider audience.

What a cool cat. Everything you see is authentic and original, that is, no voice coach, no choreography or stage manager/trainer, no special effects or high tech. props etc. etc. He oozes charisma and stage presence that capture the audience to its core, have not seeing anyone like him ever. Definitely one of a kind!!

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