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The best Elvis “impersonator” – Its absolutely stunning. He has te same magic gift Elvis had

I heard a lot Elvis imitators, but Bouke… Jesus Christ… he gives me tears in my eyes.

“Suspicious Minds” is a song that was popularized by Elvis Presley and was first recorded by him in 1969. The song was written by Mark James and has become one of Elvis’ most famous and enduring hits.

“Suspicious Minds” is an upbeat, catchy song that is known for its infectious chorus and driving rhythm. The lyrics describe a relationship that is plagued by suspicion and doubt, with the singer pleading with his lover to trust him and to believe in their love. Elvis’ version of the song features his powerful vocals and his unique ability to convey emotion through his singing, making it one of his most memorable performances. The song has become a classic of popular music and continues to be beloved by fans of Elvis and rock and roll music.

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