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Two months before he passed away yet he still sang so beautifully.

“Unchained Melody” is a song written by Alex North and Hy Zaret and originally recorded by The Righteous Brothers in 1965. Elvis Presley recorded his own version of the song in 1977, and the performance was later released on an expanded album.

Elvis’s version of “Unchained Melody” is a hauntingly beautiful rendition, showcasing the King’s incredible vocal range and his ability to infuse a song with deep emotion and feeling. The song’s lyrics express the idea of longing for a lost love, and Elvis’s performance is both poignant and powerful.

The expanded album features additional tracks from the same recording sessions, including “Little Darlin’,” “Hurt,” and “And I Love You So,” among others. These songs demonstrate Elvis’s incredible versatility as a performer and his ability to interpret a wide range of musical styles with his own unique flair and style.

The expanded album is a must-have for any Elvis fan, as it provides a powerful and moving listening experience that showcases the King’s incredible talent and his enduring legacy as one of the greatest performers of all time. It is also a testament to Elvis’s ability to connect with his audience on a deep and personal level, and his ability to touch the hearts of people around the world with his music.

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