Steven Tyler Thrills Audience with Acoustic Set at The Colosseum in Rome

Every time “Walk This Way” plays, my mind goes straight to its Run DMC collaboration video, especially the moment Steven Tyler smashes through a studio wall with his microphone stand to join the rap group next door. Now, a different scene might come to mind: Tyler performing live at Rome’s Colosseum in 2017, with an orchestra behind him and two cellists fervently playing to mimic the song’s legendary guitar riff. Yet, I think the former image will still prevail.

In “It’s About Relationships: Building a Life that Matters,” Jimmy Walker shares a story about Tyler’s performance at the Colosseum, an event organized by Andrea Bocelli for the Celebrity Fight Night in Rome. Walker, an insurance broker for stars like Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan, co-founded Celebrity Fight Night, which has garnered over $132 million for charity. Here’s the Tyler performance clip:

Walker highlights a moment not many would catch: Tyler chews gum as he strides into the Colosseum. Before starting Aerosmith’s hit “Dream On” on Elton John’s piano, Tyler nonchalantly sticks his gum underneath it, a move Walker notes Elton John would likely not appreciate. Now, whenever “Dream On” or “Walk This Way” plays, I’ll probably recall Tyler’s gum antics and Elton John’s piano.

The cellists accompanying Tyler, Luka Šulić and Stjepan Hauser of 2CELLOS, also joined him for renditions of “Dream On” and “Walk This Way,” as well as performing the “Game of Thrones” theme and “Funiculi Funicula” with Bocelli. A fan praised their concert broadcast on Rai1 TV, especially enjoying Tyler’s performance and the duo’s collaboration. Here’s another highlight from the event:

This moment marked the grand finale of the Celebrity Gala at the Colosseum, featuring Tyler and Bocelli’s rendition of “Imagine,” with David Foster on piano, Sharon Stone, and other celebrities like Renato Zero and Zara on stage.

The 2017 Colosseum concert was a key part of the week-long Celebrity Fight Night in Rome, aimed at entertaining charitable donors and special guests, including Sharon Stone and Antonio Banderas. The event, reported by Wanted In Rome, offered a luxurious experience with VIP dinners and private concerts in Rome’s palatial settings for €70,000. I can’t help but wonder how long Tyler’s gum stayed under Elton John’s piano.

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