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When Priscilla Presley Confronted Elvis About His Affairs

During the filming of “Viva Las Vegas,” Elvis Presley and Ann-Margret’s on-screen chemistry quickly transitioned into a real-life affair that lasted for over a year. Despite Elvis’s existing commitment to Priscilla Presley, his connection with Ann-Margret was described as an uncontrollable force, an “electricity that went straight through” them both, making their affair something they felt they couldn’t control​​​​​​.

Ann-Margret, in her memoir “My Story,” reflected on their relationship, noting that it was a complex mix of passion and turmoil. The affair was intense, with Elvis and Ann-Margret sharing many personal similarities and forming a deep bond. Despite their strong connection, the relationship faced its inevitable conclusion as Elvis was already involved with Priscilla, and he ultimately chose to stay committed to her​​​​​​.

The affair and its subsequent fallout were tumultuous, affecting all parties involved. Priscilla was deeply hurt by the betrayal, and the situation was further complicated when rumors of an engagement between Elvis and Ann-Margret were leaked to the press, exacerbating the tension. Despite the intense relationship, Elvis and Ann-Margret remained friends, continuing to care for each other even after their romantic relationship ended​​​​​​.

The affair between Elvis and Ann-Margret, and its impact on his relationship with Priscilla, remains one of the most talked-about aspects of Elvis’s life, illustrating the complexity of his personal relationships and the intense scrutiny they were under.

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