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Watch : We’re totally obsessed with this Elvis performance!! His voice and charisma, the amazing moves, everything!!

“Suspicious Minds” is a song written and first recorded by Mark James in 1968. However, it was Elvis Presley’s version that became the most popular, especially his live performances of the song in Las Vegas.

The expanded version of “Suspicious Minds” was released in 1999 as part of the album “Elvis: Live in Las Vegas”. This version features an extended instrumental introduction and a longer ending than the original studio recording. It also includes additional ad-libs from Elvis during the instrumental breaks.

The live performance of “Suspicious Minds” in Las Vegas showcases Elvis’ incredible stage presence and charisma. The song builds to a powerful climax, with Elvis’ passionate vocals and the dynamic instrumentation creating an electrifying atmosphere that had audiences on their feet.

Overall, “Suspicious Minds” is considered one of Elvis Presley’s greatest songs, and his live performances of the song in Las Vegas are legendary. The expanded version of the song captures the energy and excitement of those performances, making it a must-listen for any Elvis fan.

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