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Elvis made the Beatles possible with this cover | The world would be a more empty place without them

While there is no official recording of Elvis Presley performing a Beatles medley live, there are several bootleg recordings and fan-made videos that splice together various live performances of Elvis singing Beatles songs.

One of the most famous examples of this is a medley that includes Elvis’ live performances of “Something,” “Yesterday,” and “Hey Jude.” The medley has been pieced together using various live recordings from the 1970s, and it showcases Elvis’ versatility as a performer and his ability to put his own spin on popular songs by other artists.

Elvis’ rendition of “Something” is particularly noteworthy, as it features his heartfelt vocals and a bluesy guitar solo that adds a new dimension to the song. “Yesterday” is also a standout, with Elvis’ soulful delivery adding depth and emotion to the song’s poignant lyrics.

The medley culminates with “Hey Jude,” which features Elvis’ powerful vocals and a gospel choir that elevates the song to new heights. The medley is a testament to Elvis’ enduring popularity and his ability to connect with audiences through his music, regardless of genre or era.

While it is unclear whether Elvis ever performed a Beatles medley live in an official capacity, the fan-made medleys that have surfaced over the years are a testament to the impact that both Elvis and the Beatles have had on popular music and culture.

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