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His singing is so effortless yet gives a strong emotion. And his smile is so contagious!, Long live the King!

“I Got a Woman” was one of Elvis Presley’s most popular songs during his live performances. It was originally written and recorded by Ray Charles in 1954, and Elvis frequently covered it during his concerts throughout the 1950s and 1960s.

Elvis first performed “I Got a Woman” on national television in 1956 on The Milton Berle Show, where he introduced the song as “a brand new song we just recorded.” The song’s blend of gospel and R&B styles became a signature sound for Elvis, and he continued to perform it throughout his career.

During live performances, Elvis often extended the song with improvisational sections and vocal runs, showcasing his skills as a live performer. He would also incorporate a call-and-response section, getting the audience to sing along with him on the chorus.

One of Elvis’s most famous performances of “I Got a Woman” was during his 1970 concert at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. In this performance, Elvis added a spoken introduction to the song, telling the audience that the next song was “one of the first I ever recorded.”

Elvis’s version of “I Got a Woman” helped to popularize the song and has since become a classic in its own right. The song’s powerful vocals and infectious rhythm continue to thrill audiences today, and Elvis’s live performances of the song remain some of his most memorable moments on stage.

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