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Even in his last days, Elvis was and is better than any performer today

“If You Love Me (Let Me Know)” is a song written by John Rostill and recorded by Elvis Presley in 1974. Elvis performed the song live several times throughout his career, including a memorable performance in 1977 that was later released on an expanded album.

The expanded album captures the excitement and energy of Elvis’s live performances, with additional tracks from the same concert, including “Jailhouse Rock,” “Love Me Tender,” and “Hurt,” among others.

Elvis’s live performance of “If You Love Me (Let Me Know)” is a powerful and emotional rendition, showcasing the King’s incredible vocal ability and his ability to connect with his audience on a deep and personal level. The song’s lyrics express the desire for clarity and commitment in a relationship, and Elvis’s performance is both passionate and vulnerable.

The expanded album is a must-have for any Elvis fan, as it provides a unique and unforgettable glimpse into the King’s live performances and his enduring legacy as one of the greatest performers of all time. It is also a tribute to Elvis’s ability to convey complex emotions through his music, and his ability to touch the hearts of his fans with his incredible talent.

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