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Watch : Drummer+ Elvis= explotion | His Dad watching him closely as he enters stage .

“I Got a Woman” is a classic gospel-influenced R&B song originally recorded by Ray Charles in 1954. However, the version referred to here is a live performance by Elvis Presley in 1972, showcasing his ability to infuse his own rock and roll style into the song.

Elvis’s performance of “I Got a Woman” features a driving beat, powerful vocals, and dynamic instrumentation, including a horn section, piano, and electric guitar. The song’s lyrics speak of the singer’s love and devotion to his woman, and Elvis’s raw and passionate delivery captures the soulful energy of the original recording.

Throughout the performance, Elvis shows off his stage presence and charisma, engaging with the audience and dancing along to the music. The live energy and excitement of the performance are palpable, making it a memorable and thrilling moment in Elvis’s concert repertoire.

Overall, Elvis’s 1972 live performance of “I Got a Woman” is a testament to his musical talent and showmanship, as well as his ability to take classic songs and make them his own.

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