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Perhaps the greatest performance of Suspicious Minds ever captured on film by Elvis!

“Suspicious Minds” is a song written by Mark James and made famous by Elvis Presley in 1969. The song became one of Presley’s biggest hits and remains popular to this day. In 1970, Presley performed the song live on stage during his concert tour.

Presley’s performance of “Suspicious Minds” in 1970 was captured on film and has been widely viewed on YouTube and other video sharing platforms. The performance is notable for its energy and intensity, as well as for the tightness of Presley’s backing band.

During the performance, Presley delivers a powerful vocal performance, with his signature rock and roll growl adding an extra layer of emotion to the already intense lyrics of the song. He is backed by a tight rhythm section and a horn section that adds to the song’s sense of urgency.

As the song progresses, Presley becomes more and more animated, his body language reflecting the emotions of the lyrics. At one point, he drops to his knees and pounds the stage with his fist, as if exorcising his own demons.

The performance of “Suspicious Minds” in 1970 is widely regarded as one of Presley’s greatest live performances. It captures the essence of his appeal as a live performer, with his ability to connect with an audience and convey emotion through his music.

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