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ELVIS and LISA MARIE PRESLEY Duet Don’t Cry Daddy (Can’t believe she’s gone. Only 54. Her dad was only 42)

“Don’t Cry Daddy” was a heartfelt tribute to Elvis Presley by his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, released in 1997. The song was originally recorded by Elvis in 1969 and re-recorded by Lisa Marie with her father’s original vocals. The music video for the song featured personal family footage of Elvis and Lisa Marie, adding an emotional element to the tribute.

This rendition of “Don’t Cry Daddy” showcased Lisa Marie’s powerful and soulful voice, which paid homage to her father’s iconic style. The lyrics of the song express the pain and sadness felt by a child after losing a parent, a feeling that both Lisa Marie and her father shared. It’s a powerful and touching tribute that deeply resonated with fans of both Elvis and Lisa Marie.

The release of “Don’t Cry Daddy” marked another milestone in Lisa Marie’s career, as she continued to carve out her own legacy while honoring her father’s memory. The song is a testament to the enduring love and bond between a father and daughter, even after death.

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