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Elvis would love this young man! He sure sounds like him. Bravo!

One of the best sounding impersonation of Elvis I’ve ever heard, and I grew up listening to and watching all Elvis’s movies and concerts, AL OF THEM !

“Blue Christmas” is a classic Christmas song performed by Elvis Presley. The song was written by Billy Hayes and Jay W. Johnson and was first recorded by Ernest Tubb in 1948. Presley’s version of the song was released in 1957 and has since become a holiday favorite.

The song features Presley’s signature style of rock and roll, with a hint of blues and a touch of country. The lyrics speak of the sadness and loneliness that can come with the holiday season, particularly when spending it without someone special. Presley’s emotive vocals perfectly capture the melancholic sentiment of the song, making it a poignant and relatable tune for many.

The song is also notable for its use of backing vocals, provided by the Jordanaires, a gospel group who often worked with Presley. Their harmonies add depth and warmth to the song, creating a beautiful contrast with Presley’s voice.

Over the years, “Blue Christmas” has become a beloved holiday classic, covered by countless artists and featured in numerous films and television shows. It remains one of Elvis Presley’s most popular and enduring recordings, a testament to his enduring influence on popular music.

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