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Listen : Goodness what a voice on that, Man and he made it seem so effortless.

Elvis Presley recorded “No More” on June 25, 1971, at RCA’s Studio B in Nashville, Tennessee. The song was written by Don Robertson and Hal Blair and was first recorded by the singer Eddie Arnold in 1955.

Elvis’ version of “No More” was released on his album “Elvis Now” in 1972. The song features a soulful and emotional vocal performance by Elvis, who sings about the end of a relationship and his determination to move on.

The arrangement is simple and understated, with acoustic guitar, piano, and strings accompanying Elvis’ vocals. The song builds to a powerful climax in the final chorus, as Elvis sings the lines “No more do I see the starlight caress your hair / No more feel the tender kisses we used to share.”

Overall, Elvis’ recording of “No More” is a standout track on the “Elvis Now” album and a testament to his enduring talent as a vocalist.

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