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This is even better than the studio version. You can hear that Elvis really means it.

“Help Me” is a gospel-influenced song that was recorded by Elvis Presley in 1975 and released on his album “Today.” Elvis performed the song several times in concert, including during his final tour in 1977.

In Elvis’ version of “Help Me,” he delivers a soulful and heartfelt performance, backed by a gospel choir and a simple, yet powerful arrangement. The song’s lyrics speak of the need for divine intervention and guidance in times of trouble and uncertainty.

Elvis’ vocal performance on “Help Me” is particularly powerful, with his voice rising and falling in intensity throughout the song. His emotional delivery of the lyrics reflects the personal struggles he was facing at the time, including health issues and the pressures of fame.

Despite the challenges he was facing, Elvis’ performance of “Help Me” is a testament to his incredible talent as a singer and performer. The song is a powerful and uplifting testament to the power of faith and the need for support during difficult times.

Overall, “Help Me” is a standout track in Elvis’ discography, and a moving tribute to his enduring legacy as a performer and a believer.

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