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What a wonderful and magic song performed by the most charming performer ever

“Silent Night” is a popular Christmas carol that has been covered by many artists over the years, including Elvis Presley. Elvis recorded a version of the song for his 1957 Christmas album, titled “Elvis’ Christmas Album.” His rendition of the song is a slow and reverent version, featuring his signature crooning vocals backed by a choir.

The song starts with a soft piano intro, setting the peaceful and reflective mood of the piece. Elvis’ vocals then come in, delicately singing the first verse and chorus, accompanied by a subtle string section. The choir joins in for the second verse, adding depth and richness to the arrangement. The song continues with a beautiful instrumental interlude featuring a solo violin, before returning to Elvis’ vocals for the final verse and chorus.

Overall, Elvis’ version of “Silent Night” is a classic rendition of the beloved carol, showcasing his vocal range and sensitivity as an artist.

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