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An 11-year-old singing an Elvis Presley song with such talent. Could listen all day!”

In 2017, Angelina Jordan captivated audiences with her rendition of “It’s Now or Never” on the Norwegian television show Allsang på Grensen. The then-11-year-old singer delivered a powerful performance that showcased her incredible talent and vocal range.

As soon as Jordan began to sing, the crowd was transfixed by her smooth, rich voice. The young singer effortlessly hit high notes and poured emotion into every word of the song. Her performance was truly captivating and left a lasting impression on viewers.

What made Jordan’s performance especially impressive was the fact that she sang the song in a mature and confident manner beyond her years. She owned the stage and commanded the attention of everyone in the audience, including the musicians accompanying her.

Overall, Jordan’s performance of “It’s Now or Never” on Allsang på Grensen is an excellent representation of her remarkable talent and potential as a musician. It’s no wonder that she has continued to gain popularity and success in the years since her breakout moment on the show.

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