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Without a doubt one of best performances of Elvis Classic “Unchained Melody,” from 14 Yr Old Girl

On September 22, 2023, Angelina Jordan delivered a captivating rendition of “Unchained Melody” in Portsmouth, NH. This performance marked another milestone in her journey as a young, evolving artist who has already made significant achievements in the music industry. From her early years, Angelina has shown an extraordinary talent for singing, quickly developing a compelling stage presence. Her impressive career beginnings include memorable performances at the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony and Quincy Jones’ 85th birthday at the O2 Arena in London.

Beyond her singing prowess, Angelina is also an accomplished songwriter. Her songwriting journey, drawing inspiration from her personal experiences, blends her unique jazzy pop style with introspective lyrics. This unique combination has led to a fresh and appealing sound. In 2020, her signing with Republic Records marked a pivotal point in her career, and her debut song, “Million Miles,” produced by the Grammy-winning duo Stargate, quickly gained over 5 million streams.

Angelina’s distinct vocals and artistic style have earned her recognition and praise from fans globally and from notable media outlets including Time, Variety, CNN, and BBC. Her online presence is impressive, with her videos achieving over half a billion views on YouTube and nearly 2 billion on Facebook.

Her “Unchained Melody” performance in Portsmouth showcased her continued artistic growth and her ability to deeply engage audiences with her powerful voice and emotive expression.

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