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So moving, to hear the song and see Elvis responding to the Spirit. That is real.

“Sweet Sweet Spirit” was written by gospel songwriter Doris Akers and was first recorded by the Roberta Martin Singers in 1962. The song became a popular gospel hymn, and many other artists, including Elvis Presley, recorded their own versions of it.

Elvis Presley’s rendition of “Sweet Sweet Spirit” was recorded during his concert at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, Tennessee, on March 20, 1974. The song was part of a medley that included several other gospel songs, such as “How Great Thou Art,” “I’ll Remember You,” and “Help Me.”

During the concert, Elvis sang “Sweet Sweet Spirit” with his characteristic passion and intensity, and the song was well-received by the audience. The performance was later released as part of the album “Elvis Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis,” which includes recordings of several of Elvis’s concerts from 1974.

Overall, Elvis Presley’s performance of “Sweet Sweet Spirit” is a testament to his love for gospel music and his ability to connect with audiences through his powerful vocals and heartfelt performances.

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