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This version by The King is one of the best Christmas songs of all time

“Here Comes Santa Claus” is a Christmas song written by Gene Autry and Oakley Haldeman. The song was first recorded by Gene Autry in 1947, and it has since been covered by many artists, including Elvis Presley.

Elvis Presley recorded his version of “Here Comes Santa Claus” in 1957, which was released as a single and later included on the album “Elvis’ Christmas Album.” The song features Elvis’ signature rockabilly sound, with a driving beat and catchy guitar riffs.

The lyrics of “Here Comes Santa Claus” describe the excitement of Christmas and the arrival of Santa Claus:

“Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, Right down Santa Claus Lane Vixen and Blitzen and all his reindeer Pullin’ on the reins Bells are ringin’, children singin’ All is merry and bright”

Elvis’ version of the song features his distinctive voice and energetic delivery, and the song’s upbeat tempo and catchy melody make it a fun and festive addition to any Christmas playlist.

Overall, Elvis’ rendition of “Here Comes Santa Claus” has become a classic Christmas song that captures the joy and excitement of the holiday season, and it remains a popular and beloved tune for fans of both Elvis Presley and Christmas music.

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