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Listen: Never Heard Any One Sing With So Much Emotion In Their Voice | Elvis Was Born To Sing Gospel Music

Elvis Presley was known for his love of gospel music, and one of his most famous gospel recordings is “It Is No Secret (What God Can Do).” The song was written by Stuart Hamblen, a country music singer and songwriter, and was recorded by Elvis in 1957.

“It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)” is a heartfelt gospel ballad that showcases Elvis’s powerful vocals and his ability to convey emotion through his singing. The lyrics of the song speak to the power of faith and the hope that it can bring, even in difficult times.

The song was recorded at Radio Recorders in Hollywood, and it features a simple arrangement of piano, guitar, and drums, with Elvis’s vocals front and center. The recording was originally released on the album “Peace in the Valley,” which featured a collection of Elvis’s gospel recordings.

Over the years, “It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)” has become one of Elvis’s most beloved gospel recordings. The song has been covered by many other artists, but Elvis’s version remains the most famous and continues to inspire listeners with its message of hope and faith.

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