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Every Year My Dad Would Play This Song And Dance With Me. Now I Do The Same With My Children

“If Every Day Was Like Christmas” is a Christmas song recorded by Elvis Presley in 1966. The song was written by Red West and produced by Felton Jarvis.

The song features a lively and upbeat melody, with Elvis’s smooth vocals bringing a sense of joy and celebration to the lyrics. The instrumentation includes jingling bells, horns, and a gospel choir that adds to the festive atmosphere of the song.

The lyrics of “If Every Day Was Like Christmas” convey a message of love, peace, and unity, urging listeners to embrace the spirit of the holiday season all year round. The song imagines a world where every day is filled with the joy and generosity of Christmas, and where people come together in harmony and goodwill.

The song was originally released as a single and became a hit, reaching the top 40 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. It has since become a holiday classic and is often played on the radio and in stores during the Christmas season.

Overall, “If Every Day Was Like Christmas” is a feel-good song that captures the essence of the holiday season. It is a testament to Elvis’s ability to infuse his music with a sense of warmth and sincerity, and it continues to bring joy and happiness to listeners all over the world.

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